Math Calculators and Math Solvers

This page contains many Mathematics tools for every day purposes. Below these you can find a list of specialized tools. Each tool is started in its own browser window, so that it may be used simultaneously with other pages of maths online.

Equation Solver
Two Linear Equations
Three Linear Equations
Four Linear Equations
Five Linear Equations
Quadratic Equation Solver
Cubical Equation Solver
Quartic Equation Solver
Quintic Equation Solver
Hexic Equation Solver

Plot a Graph
Online Graph Ploter

Hexa, Decimal, Binary conversion
Roman Numeral Converter
Angle Conversion
Area Conversion
Capacity and Volume Conversion
Computer Units Conversion
Energy Conversion
Length Conversion
Metric Conversion
Power Conversion
Pressure Conversion
Speed and Velocity Conversion
Temperature Conversion
Time Conversion
Weight and Mass Conversion

Numbers/Words Sort
Sort out Alphabets and Numbers

Basic Calculator
Big Integer Calculator
Scientific Calculator
Binomial Theorem Calculator
Triangle Calculator

Date and Day Calculator
Age Calculator
Day of Year Calculator
Days between the dates

Periodic Table

Matrix Calculator
2x2 Matrix Addition and Subtraction
2x2 Matrix Inverse Calculator
2x2 Matrix Multiplication
3x3 Matrix Addition
3x3 Matrix Inverse
3x3 Matrix Multiplication
3x3 Matrix Subtraction
4x4 Matrix Addition and Subtraction
4x4 Matrix Inverse Calculator
4x4 Matrix Multiplication
3x3 Eigen vectors, Eigen values Calculator
2x2 vectors, Eigen values Calculator
Square Matrix Calculator
Transpose Matrix Calculator

Story Teller
Computer make a story for you