Second Year (Intermediate)

Chapter wise Solutions, MCQs, practice questions, model papers and 20 year past papers (of STBB) given here, are useful for Second Year (HSC II). Text Book of Class XII, Sindh Text Book Board is used.

XII Practice PPRs of 3hrs  

IMP Questions | PPR pattern | Model PPR for XII Math 2019 

How to get full Marks in MCQS

  • MCQS with answers and description  Download (New)

Board Stuff

  • Solutions and Instructions of Board Paper-2014  Download
  • Solved MCQS of Board Paper (2015-2010)  Download

Chapter wise Assignments

  • The Assignment of whole book  Download


XII IMP Questions of whole Book


Chapter wise Formulae


Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • Chap#01   Functions and Limits  Download
  • Chap#02   The Straight Line  Download
  • Chap#03   The General Equations of Straight Lines  Download
  • Chap#04   Differentiability  Download
  • Chap#05   Applications of Differential Calculus Download
  • Chap#06   Antiderivatives Download
  • Chap#07   Circle Download
  • Chap#08   Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola Download
  • Chap#09   Vectors Download

20 years past Papers

  • The Past papers of 28 years with accordance to Exercise.  Download (2018 included)
  • The Past papers of 24 years with accordance to chapter.  Download