Introduction to the Website

This website is an effort in order to share the knowledge related to Mathematics.

It is tried to compile the materials about Mathematics in different domains. The requirements related to Mathematics of the science students of Matriculation and Intermediate can be fulfilled here because the material of these classes is present here in a precise manner. The formulae, derivations etc are also present so that students can easily get their desired things.

Mathematics is the queen of science and the language of nature. Its importance should be clear to any reasonable person. It is easy however to diminish the value of certain areas of research because they’re currently thought as having little practical use. Evolutionary needs brought our mind to prefer knowledge that can be employed for the solution of specific problems in the real world, rather than deeply abstract ones. It is an understandable and even excusable fallacy that there are useful fields of mathematics and useless ones, based on the perception of their applied or theoretical nature. But it’s still a misconception. Each theorem and discovery is a little piece of a larger puzzle that we conveniently categorize into aptly labelled macro-areas. Discoveries and mathematical ideas that are perceived as “useful” today because they’re applicable to many domains. Mathematic is used in our everyday lives; from figuring out the amount needed to buy your lunch to calculating the online transactions. This section explores some of the real life applications of mathematics. For example, internet banking is getting more and more common these days, and we depend on cryptology – the study of protecting information using codes – to keep our transactions safe.

Misconception about Mathematics

The great misconception about mathematics and its tifles and thwarts is the notion that mathematics is a bout formulas and cranking out computations. It is the unconsciously held delusion that mathematics is a set of rules and formulas that have been worked out by God knows who for God knows why, and the student's duty is to memorize all this stuff. Such students seem to feel that sometime in the future their boss will walk into the office and demand "Quick, what's thequadratic formula?" Or,"Hurry, Ineed to know the derivative of 3x^2-6x+7."