Chapter wise Solutions, MCQs, practice questions, model papers and 10 year past papers (of STBB) given here, are useful for Matriculation (SSC II). Text Books of Class X, Sindh Text Book Board are used.

Chapter wise Assignments

  • The Assignment of whole book  Download

Middle Term Break (Factorization) Practice Questions

  • Middle Term Break Questions  Download

Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • Chap#01   Sets  Download
  • Chap#02   System of real numbers, Exponents and Radicals  Download
  • Chap#03   Logarithms  Download
  • Chap#04   Algebraic Expressions  Download
  • Chap#05   Factorization, H.C.F, L.C.M, Simplification and Square Roots  Download
  • Chap#06   Algebraic sentences Download
  • Chap#07   Matrices Download
  • Chap#08   Elimination Download
  • Chap#09   Variations Download
  • Chap#10   Information Handling Download
  • Chap#11   Fundamental concepts of Geometry Download
  • Chap#12   Demonstrative Geometry Download
  • Chap#13   Circle Download
  • Chap#14   Practical Geometry Download
  • Chap#15   Trigonometry Download

10 years past Papers

  • The Past papers of 10 years with accordance to chapter.  Download