First Year Mathematics (Intermediate)

Chapter wise Solutions, MCQs, practice questions, model papers and 20 year past papers (of STBB) given here, are useful for First year (HSC I). Text Book of Class XI, Sindh Text Book Board is used.


XI Practice PPRs of 3hrs  

IMP Questions | PPR pattern for XI Math 2019 

Solution XI Annual Papers 

How to get full Marks in MCQS

  • Chap wise MCQS with detailed solution  Download

Practice Questions to strengthen XI Math


Board Stuff

  • Past Paper chap wise MCQs with detail solution  Download
  • Solutions and Instructions of Board Paper-2015  Download
  • Solutions and Instructions of Board Paper-2013  Download
  • Solved MCQs of Board Math Paper (2014 - 2009) Download
  • Chronological Exercises From Past Papers(2014 - 2003) Download


Bits and pieces from Text Book


Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • Chap#01  Sets Download
  • Chap#02  Real and Complex Number Systems Download
  • Chap#03  Equations Download
  • Chap#04  Matrices and Determinants  Download
  • Chap#05  Groups Download
  • Chap#06  Sequences and Series Download
  • Chap#07  Permutations, Combinations and Introduction to Probability  Download
  • Chap#08  Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem (Omer Khayam Theorem) Download
  • Chap#09  Fundamentals of Trigonometry Download
  • Chap#10  Trigonometric Identities Download
  • Chap#11  Trigonometric Functions Download
  • Chap#12  Solutions of Triangles Download
  • Chap#13  Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Trigonometric Equations Download

20 years past Papers

  • The Past papers of 24 years with accordance to Exercise.  Download
  • The Past papers of 24 years with accordance to chapter.  Download