Speed and Velocity Conversion


meter / second (m/sec)




meter / second (m/sec)



This Speed and Velocity Conversion program uses custom rounding routines to avoid results such as 3.9999999999 instead of 4.  It rounds the result to 13 significant digits instead of rounding to some number of decimal places, therefore producing superior results for very big or very small initial values and conversion factors.  It accepts scientific notation and converts immediately.

Converting to and from: centimeter / second (cm/sec), foot / second (ft/sec), kilometer / hour (km/h), kilometer / second (km/sec), knot (kn), mach (at std. atm.) (M), meter / minute (m/sec), meter / second (m/sec), mile / hour (mph), speed of light, speed of sound (at std. atm.), yard / second.