Transpose Matrix Calculator

Transpose Matrix Calculation

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A Transpose =

Transpose Matrix Calculator is a simple tool used to convert the matrix A to transpose matrix At by interchanging rows and columns of matrix A. This Transpose Matrix calculator is applicable for matrices 3x3, 3x2, 2x3, 3x1, 1x3, 2x2, 2x1 and 1x2 to transpose the matrix A. In Transpose Matrix At, the row becomes column and the column becomes row by interchanging the index values of matrix A

Transpose Matrix

Matrices are widely used in geometry, physics and computer graphics applications. The array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns; treated as a single element and manipulated according to rules. Matrix calculations can be understood as a set of tools that involves the study of methods and procedures used for collecting, classifying, and analyzing data. In many applications it is necessary to calculate the transpose matrix where this online matrix transpose calculator supports 3x3, 3x2, 2x3, 3x1, 1x3, 2x2, 2x1 and 1x2 matrices and can help you to effortlessly make your transpose calculations for the respective inputs.